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  • Global_information_company_The_NPD_Group_has_hired_Gerhard_Hausruckinger_as_group_president_for_Europe_and_APAC

  • Apple’s_latest_iPhone_release_garnered_the_usual_fanfare_but_research_from_Future_Thinking_found_that_20%_of_British_consumers_are_eschewing_smartphone_tech

  • Successful_business_strategy_needs_to_include_a_measure_of_happiness_and_a_recognition_that_brand_purpose_must_involve_more_than_just_making_money

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Geodemographics Knowledge Base

The Geodemographics Knowledge Base is a comprehensive directory of hand-selected websites for people interested in the application of geodemographics and geo-spatial analysis. It is maintained by the MRS Census and Geodemographics Group. This feed gives information on new sites added to the directory, forthcoming events and other information of relevance.
  • The new MSc in Data Analytics for Government is a programme designed to equip the next generation of government data scientists and statisticians with an advanced set of skills and abilities. The MSc is provided by University College London, Oxford Brookes University and the University of Southampton.

  • The Data Science Campus goal is to explore how new data sources and data science techniques can improve our understanding of the UK’s economy, communities & people. Projects under five themes: The Evolving Economy, UK in a Global Context, Urban and Rural Future, Society and Sustainability.

  • Since the start of 2017, the Data Science Campus in collaboration with ONS’s Natural Capital Accounting team have been investigating the potential to form a nation-wide tree dataset, describing the publicly accessible trees surrounding the urban road network.